Ghetto Prom - Actual pics!

Does Homie think he's on Safari?

Somebody's Momma gonna be PISSED about the curtains!



Momma's still pissed about the curtains, but Day-yum! You look smokin' hot! (Flaming actually)

That's alot of BEEF!

Puffy? dat you?

Who wants to be the Sheik?

"Aaaaww Hay'll NO! She does not thinks she's Lil Kim!"

Gots ta represent the team, yo!


"Went to the prom in my fly blue rental, got six girlies in my Lincoln Continental" - Beastie Boys

"Hey girl! Got into a size 2 tonight!"

Damn Whitey! Why yo' Momma gotta come?"

This is what happens 8 months after Frankenstein hooks up with Bride of Frankenstein.

Yeah, that'd be good in bed...

"Uhh, ya, ya , it's looks good on you!"